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West Coast Diag​nostics​

Independent Diagnostics Testing Facility 

West Coast Diagnostics is a IDTF ( Independent diagnostic testing facility). We perform testing for qualifications for home oxygen portability devices, home oxygen for night time use and adequate liter flow determination, HST for diagnosis of sleep apnea and EEG testing at home for seizure, depression, pain management and regulation of patients medication. This helps the patient to be more comfortable in their own home. We are a Medicare provider and we follow the Medicare guidelines. We are also in network with many other private insurances.

Our procedure is as follows:




We get our referrals from Dr offices, Labs and DME's.

Once the order is received by the ordering physician, we contact patients insurance for pre auth and any additional information needed we will contact the ordering physician.

We contact the patient, verify all patients information and explain to the patient what procedure their Dr has ordered. We go to patients home and or send out equipment to patients home to perform testing ordered.

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