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Based on cumulative sleeping time pAHI, PAT, actigraphy and

oximetry-based PAT or Peripheral Arterial Tonometry determines

peripheral blood pressure and peripheral resistance

Benefits Of NightOwl Sleep Test Machine

Multi-Night Evaluation

This system allows for multiple night tests in order to obtain a suitable diagnosis.


The device architecture of NightOwl is the smallest on the market at this point for OSA detection. It does not need a separate chest or wrist-worn component and consists of a single finger sensor.

Fully Disposable

The NightOwl unit is disposable and can be used for up to 12 nights. It thus eliminates the possibility of infection and thereby avoids the risk of the dissemination of COVID-19.

Long Battery Life

The battery of the NightOwl sensor is very durable, and with a single charge, this home sleep apnea test machine can operate for around three nights.

Miniature Designe

The architecture of the NightOwl device is a downsized version of polysomnography for OSA detection that yields an accurate OSA diagnosis. The NightOwl collects sufficient data without attaching multiple probes connected by wires to your body.

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